Specops Bushcrafting Review, Work or a scam?

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How to make a fire from you pee, how to survive in the wilderness alone with nothing and 8 more outdoor living practical tips, tricks and hacks?

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Product Name: Specops Bushcrafting.

Author: Bob

Category: Self-Help.

Subcategory: Survival.

Product Type: Pdfs.

Official Website: Click here to visit Specops Bushcrafting website

Risk: No, you can refund (money back guaranteed) for 60 days.

Bonus and Discount: Yes, a package of three ebooks about how to survive in the wilderness alone with nothing ($147 Value) for FREE

Click here to download Specops Bushcrafting program and the three ebooks package for free.

Specops Bushcrafting Review

Specops Bushcrafting about:

  • How to make a fire from you pee, how to survive in the wilderness alone with nothing and 8 more outdoor living practical tips, tricks and hacks?

In this short review about Bob’s program, (Specops Bushcrafting Review), I am going to mention some pros and cons, about Specops Bushcrafting product, so just keep reading Specops Bushcrafting Review to the end.

Specops Bushcrafting Pros:

  • Easy step by step guide to stay alive in the most deadly conditions, using simple and proven tricks and tips.
  • wide-range of skills needed to make the wilderness your second home.
  • No large or expensive devices to use, only natural simple things around you.
  • How to get fire without matches.
  • how to find water in the most parched settings.
  • The 9 Commandments of building a snow shelter.
  • The 7 critical acts of starting and maintaining a fire in the snow.
  • The slightest wildlife movement that would usually go unnoticed by the human eye.
  • The soldier’s quick-guide to field dressing an animal.
  • How to preserve meat in the wilderness.
  • The one and only water source that’s always safe to drink.
  • a great way of spending some quality time with those you love on a hiking or camping adventure.
  • 8 survival tricks and tips about your food, water, shelter, security, communication, health, survival navigation and fire craft.
  • You will learn how to set your fire on auto pilot, so it will still for 20 hours.
  • how to easily identify edible plants and avoid over 712 varieties of deadly species.
  • You will learn how to catch any small or big animals.
  • How to stay warm at night trick.
  • 10 survival super shelters that will conquer the elements.
  • Bonus 1: The Green Beret’s Forager Handbook: A Guide To Identifying And Preparing Wild Plants.
  • Bonus 2: The Green Beret’s Field Guide To Nature’s Pharmacy.
  • Bonus 3: Family Buschraft: 20 Fun DIY Outdoor Projects For Getting Your Kids Involved.
  • Low price ticket compared to the results you will get.
  • Live Support 7/24
  • 100% money back guaranteed.

Specops Bushcrafting Cons:

  • Online purchase risk, but you can refund within 60 days, if it doesn’t work.
  • Although this system is proven, all the results depend on your effort and patience.
  • Like any online course, no guaranteed results.
  • You may do it wrong the few first tries, so be patient and try again.

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Thanks for reading Specops Bushcrafting Review, bonus and discount.
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  • Steve

    I would definitely buy this if it was an actual book. However I have been disappoint in every download in terms of quality of writing material being weak and photos being simple and faded drawing. I would like to see subscribers reviews.

    • Steve

      I myself have over 300 hours of hand on wilderness survival training and always looking for experts for improvements on the arts of wilderness survival but been disappointed in every download out there guys.

  • lookforit

    There is a physical book that you can buy. Just click on the website link. Then click on buy now & you will be directed to a page where you have three choices:
    Digital Version
    Physical book plus digital version
    Or just the physical book
    All for the same price. Guess you two didn’t go far enough to see this. I ordered the Physical Book plus Digital Version so I could start reading it while I waited for the physical book. I now keep the physical book in my backpack so I can practice what is taught in this book.

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